Things have to start somewhere, so let’s start them here. First things first. Let’s begin and the beginning.

I am the Unlikely Dan and this is my site, let me welcome you all as we go through the unlikely world of sports together. Hockey, Football, American Football, Cricket, Everything between, I will do our best to dot around the globe and cover the biggest stories as well as bringing you something that you may not be too aware of.

I could ramble on about myself for a whole post, but there is a whole section of me doing that on another page, we don’t need to go through that again. But I am sure you have some questions about what we are doing here so I will try and answer them below.

Why Unlikely Dan?

Well, I would love to give you to a really deep and meaningful explanation behind the name but sadly there isn’t one. I used to watch World Cup blogs from an American guy who called himself the unlikely fan. When I first got into this, I was mainly doing hockey and he had moved on to better things and different names. I became the Unlikely Dan.

What can we expect from you?

Like I said earlier and in the “About Me” section, seriously check that out! I will be covering Sports from around the world, with a mixture of longer read editorials and smaller news items.

What team(s) do you support?

I am gonna keep this one a secret, at least in the short term, though I am sure it will come out. I want to try and be neutral and objective with what I’m covering but I am sure a bit of bias will slip through the cracks

What if we want to tell you how much we love everything you do?

I mean, why wouldn’t you?! There is a contact us page up top click on that. Or if you have shorter messages, our Twitter is on the right.

Do you have anything to back up these bold claims of greatness?

Well, our first Twitter follower was former NHL’er Zach Boychuck… make of that what you will.

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