Odell’s getting paid!

25-Year-Old New York Giants Star Odell Beckham Jr. has signed a MONSTER contract with the Giants. Making him the highest paid Wide Receiver to ever play in the NFL.

5 years, $95 million dollars with 65 million of that guaranteed. OBJ is looking at a cap hit of around 18 million a year. He missed a good chunk of last season with a broken ankle but is without a doubt the shining star in a struggling Giants offence. Though they will be hoping for a big year from 1st Round Pick, Saquon Barkley out of Penn State.

How does he measure up to his peers? Well, he’ll be taking home more than Antonio Brown and Mike Evans who’s contracts were the previous benchmark. Is he worth the money? Most Giants fans would say yes. ODJ has put up over 1300 yards and 10 touchdowns in the 3 full seasons he has played and was well on course to do it last year. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who would think he isn’t elite at his position.

As big money as this deal is, he is still some way behind Jimmy Garappolo. Who was then blown away by the Matt Ryan mega-deal which broke all sorts of records (which kicks in next season).

The true test will be on the field, where Odell has excelled. Yes, there has been a share off the field controversy, but that shouldn’t take away from how good he is. Will he be worth it? Let us know what you think. Comment below, Email or get at us on Twitter.

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