Saido Actually Scores

Remember the date 28th August 2018 because something momentous happened. Stoke forward and running joke Saido Berahino actually scored a competitive goal.

Why is this such a big deal? The last time Berahino scored was 913 days ago! 913! The exact date of his last goal 27th February 2016 when he was still a West Brom player. What other big things have happened since then? Glad you asked.


Donald Trump became US president.

Portugal won Euro 2016.

Pokemon go has been and gone.

The Rio Olympics.

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series (A drought so long it makes Saido look prolific).

The General Election.


England made a semi-final.

The Winter Olympics.

Novichok became a thing.

Black Panther, Star Wars, and Infinity War all make history.

Just let all of that sink in. This is a player has been in England squads and was being chased by the top clubs in the country. Then got way too big for his boots, if only Stormzy had released that song back in 2016.

Ultimately, Stoke and West Brom suffered the same fate, both relegated last season. Berahino’s career went South a long time ago for our money. The wait still goes on for him to get an actual league goal, but at least this is a start.

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