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It’s been another crazy weekend at Unlikely Towers, more info on that coming soon, but we wouldn’t let you go a whole weekend without a post. We were wracking our brains of what to write about, then it his us. Watching the BBC’s NFL show, a great show by the way for the new or casual fan especially, we saw the Philly special number 2, the signature trick play of this Philadelphia Eagles squad, then we remembered how much we love a trick play. So, we are gonna bring you a quickie covering the best trick plays ever and the ones that aren’t so great. All the videos have the youtube links attached

The Best

Philly Special #1 –

It’s Superbowl 52, you’re against the dominant New England Patriots side. Closing in on halftime, you have a three-point lead. Earlier in the game, the Pats have tried to throw the ball to Tom Brady and it didn’t go so well. 4th and goal, you’re at the two-yard line. Nick Foles moves from his QB position moving almost to tight end, the ball is snapped to the Running Back, who pops it out to Nelson Agholor. Nick Foles rolls out to the corner of the end zone and catches the ball and The Eagles take a 9 point lead into halftime. The rest is history.

The Gadget Play –

Back to the Superbowl in 2006, The Steelers face the Seahawks, the Steelers are 4 points up in the fourth quarter. Ben Rothlisberger is trying to make good on his promise to Jerome Bettis that he will get him a Superbowl. His Wide Receiver Antwan Randle El is a former college Quarterback. The actual basics of the play are similar, the ball is snapped to the running back who pops it out to the receiver. Heinz Ward is in acres of space and Randle El completes a 43-yard pass and the Vince Lombardi trophy went to Pittsburgh.

The Onside Kick –

The Superbowl again, this time 44 as New Orleans take on Indianapolis. The Colts were leading 10-6 at halftime and the Saints knew they needed something special. Sean Peyton sent out his kick off team and told them to recover the ball, and they did just that. They attempted an audacious onside kick that surprised everyone. Recovering the ball the Saints drove down the field and a Pierre Thomas touchdown followed. The Saints held on the win the game 31-17.

Keep your eyes on the ball –

This took place in the regular season, with the much backed Seattle Seahawks trailing the Saint Louis Rams 14-3. Seattle was punting the ball to get themselves out of trouble, the Rams punt returners had a trick up their sleeve. The ball goes up on their air and the return team all runs left, the ball, however, had gone right, the Seahawks special teams unit followed the returners rather than the direction of the ball. Steadman Bailey had an almost clear run to the end zone to extend the Rams lead.

The Worst

The worst play of all time? –

The Giants vs The Redskins, Monday Night Football, the whole world is watching. The Giants are 24-0 with 2 seconds left in the first half, the Redskins needed something special. This wasn’t it. The Giants sent out their Field Goal team, set up a trick and the Giants called a timeout. When play resumed, the Redskins tried the same play, rolled most of their players out to the left of the field but the defence saw it coming, 3 pass rushers were completely uncovered and the ball was intercepted.

The Fake, real game-ending spike –

Chicago Bears take on the Oakland Raiders. Bears trail by 5 and there are 4 seconds left the only problem is they have no timeouts left. They run the fake spike play, apparently, no one told the O-line that it was a fake and no sooner does Jay Cutler have the ball in his hands he has a lineman for company.  He has to spike the ball, whilst in the pocket, this is ruled intentional grounding. This results in a 10 second run down on the clock and the end of the game, Bears lose.

The Rabona –

Clearly, Steelers kicker Chris Boswell is a football fan, the issue is he didn’t have the skill. The Steelers trail the Baltimore Ravens at home by a touchdown. With 48 seconds left the Steelers attempt an onside kick, well sort off. Boswell tries to Rabona the ball so it will spin back to Steeler hands, but he the ball hits his own leg and trickles an inch or two forward. Boswell kicks the ball again, which you can’t do and the Steelers lose the game.

What are your favourite best and worst trick plays? What have we missed? Email us, Comment or Tweet us @unlikelydanblog

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